Thursday, December 1, 2011

cruz's first sports carnival

cruz was talking about his sports carnival for weeks before, he was so excited to run his races and was practising every day. he came first in his running and egg and spoon race.

Monday, November 21, 2011

building our house

we are beyond excited (and stressed too) to be building our first house. the below photos are from the day the footings went down (plumbing for all our drains etc) and photos to follow of the slab that has now been poured. bricks starting to be layed this week...woo hoo! can't wait to watch our house evolve.

Friday, November 18, 2011

cruz's 5th birthday

thursday 1st september - birthday morning
can't believe my nephew is 5! where did the time go
present time

birthday phone call
mummy and son
cruz's ice cream cake at home
happy birthday cruz

day before the party
dym, mum and i baked the cupcakes the day before. mum found the cutest toy story green alien cupcakes on the internet that we just had to make.

party time

the birthday boy
ads and cruz
me and cruz


jelly cups, chocolate crackles, fruit, fairy bread, little sandwiches
cupcakes with toy story rings
homemade pastries
the gorgeous cake (and very yummy too)
spoilt much!

dad stopped by in between home opens to check in on the action

it's my party and i can cry if i want to!

gorgeous logan
adam did a great job of being the music man!

cruz and his cousin, cody

daddy and cruz
our nephew

cruz and his nanny

cruz had a fantastic day and got very spoilt as always. i'm sure his 6th birthday will be here before we know it.